GREAT NEWS: My show is the single biggest digital radio show in the UK

New Rajars have been announced and the results are stunning.

Over half a million listeners tune into my Sunday show each week (10am-1pm on BBC 6 music) Рmaking it the biggest single digital radio show in Britain.

It’s all the more surprising and heartwarming since it breaks all the radio programming rules ( I always did like to rebel ūüėČ : I pack the three hours with a totally unpredictable mix of songs.

My philosophy is simple: I¬†play great recordings: no matter the age, style , language nor origin. If you already join me- a massive , sincere thanks for doing so, if you don’t, try it out..especially if you are a music , poetry or history fan , I don’t think you’ll be disappointed- you’ll hear Cuban love songs, Congolese Rumbas, French Chanson and tracks by ¬†John Lee Hooker,¬†Louis Armstrong, JJ Cale, Frazey Ford,the Groundhogs…

In short, some of the best recordings ever made.

See you Sunday?

With love, as ever,


Cerys x