‘Flame Lily’ by MA.MOYO, Cerys Matthews & Hidden Orchestra, the first single from my upcoming album ‘We Come From the Sun’ with Hidden Orchestra & 10 Poets is OUT NOW: https://cerysmatthews.lnk.to/WCFTSSo

MA.MOYO came into Abbey Road, went into the vocal booth and started to read Flame Lily and everyone in the control room came to a hush. It was a story that filled the studio and the imagery MA.MOYO created was remarkable. 

It was clear from that moment that it was something special and the music needed to walk alongside MA.MOYO’s rhythm in the poem and it had to have quite strident beats. So that’s what we did, there was no holding back we just went where the poem led us. 

Flame Lily is so strong and it’s a mobiliser of a poem and that’s why it had to be the first single. Released on National Poetry Day, 1st October 2020, it provides a powerful indication of the album’s scale, ambition and lyrical prowess. 

Available to stream and download HERE: https://cerysmatthews.lnk.to/WCFTSSo