‘Where The Wild Cooks Go’

With a Spotify playlist ready for each country: poems, proverbs,
curiosities and some very surprising aspects of world history, ‘Where the Wild Cooks Go’ is a folk-cook book and timely for it.

“A joyous treasure trove” is how Michael Morpurgo describes it.
Tom Jones: ” A delight”.

Pages are brim full of generations old nuggets of wisdom, as well as
stories about Catatonia touring days and other escapades, plus over a  
hundred recipes and cocktail ideas from 15 countries:

Easy haggis, vegan haggis, jambalaya, cawl, traditional and vegan Welsh
cakes, tequila prawns, chocolate and Guinness fondants, thousand hole
pancakes, pineapple and chilli, potato, chickpea and coconut curry, dahl
and hedgerow salad are just some of delicious, sustainable and fuss free
ideas served in this beautiful book.