Back to the Falklands: Brothers in Arms

I was honoured to be asked to narrate this episode of Panorama.

Here is a short synopsis of the programme and also the link to view.

‘In 1982 Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands, and from Britain a task force of over 100 vessels and 26,000 men and women sailed 8000 miles to defend the islands. In a short but brutal war lasting 3 weeks, hundreds died on both sides, culminating 35 years ago this month with the Argentinians defeated, and the islands reclaimed.

But what happened after the parades were finished and the flags were put away?

In this moving film Panorama uses animation drawn by a Falklands war veteran to explore how the trauma of fighting a war can continue to affect soldiers even decades later. The film follows a group of Welsh Guards, whose lives were shaped by their Falklands experience, as they return for the first time to the islands to confront their demons.’

To watch on iPlayer click here

There is also an article on the BBC website here