GREAT NEWS: My show is the single biggest digital radio show in the UK

New Rajars have been announced and the results are stunning.

Over half a million listeners tune into my Sunday show each week (10am-1pm on BBC 6 music) – making it the biggest single digital radio show in Britain.

It’s all the more surprising and heartwarming since it breaks all the radio programming rules ( I always did like to rebel 😉 : I pack the three hours with a totally unpredictable mix of songs.

My philosophy is simple: I play great recordings: no matter the age, style , language nor origin. If you already join me- a massive , sincere thanks for doing so, if you don’t, try it out..especially if you are a music , poetry or history fan , I don’t think you’ll be disappointed- you’ll hear Cuban love songs, Congolese Rumbas, French Chanson and tracks by  John Lee Hooker, Louis Armstrong, JJ Cale, Frazey Ford,the Groundhogs…

In short, some of the best recordings ever made.

See you Sunday?

With love, as ever,


Cerys x