Having dinner with Stephen Hawking

The second of two lectures I attended this week took place at Imperial College London …Stephen Hawking on his Black Hole theory. A terrific lecture and the icing on the cake was being invited to dine with this eminent scientist and many of his Imperial College colleagues.

Conversation veered from worms to Muddy Waters, Bob Dylan (never enough Dylan) and Blind Willie Mc Tell. It was also lovely to meet Tamara Rojo from the English National Ballet and, as ever, be welcomed so graciously by Devika Mokhtarzadeh, Susanna Warren and all the team at the Arts Club, Dover Street.

We were celebrating with Stephen as he was presented with their very first Luminary Lifetime Membership Award there.

The Arts Club was founded in 1863 and in the course of its existence the Club has included amongst its members many outstanding figures in the history of art, literature and science: writers such as Charles Dickens and Thomas Hughes, musicians such as Paolo Tosti, and Franz Liszt as well as an array of pre-eminent surgeons, solicitors and professionals.

And for dinner? …..delicious prawns, fizz and plenty of chocolate cake! …..which came in handy for the next task of the week…….